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Brand Retro with Cyberdogz

Mar 8, 2022

Mike welcomes Story Teller, Content Expert, and CEO at Message Lab, Ben Worthen. Mike and Ben break down the different understandings of the word "content", what metrics REALLY matter, and the importance of being intentional when crafting a content marketing strategy. Having worked with BIG BRANDS such as Facebook, Google, and GoDaddy, Ben knows his stuff and shares a few nuggets within this episode. Don't miss this one!


  • What is Message Lab and Who is Ben Worthen? - 0:25
  • The meaning of “CONTENT” - 2:05
  • Content from a journalistic standpoint - 4:56
  • Years and years of honing a craft: be more like a conduit than a messenger - 8:28
  • Helping companies to rise amid obstacles: the value of data in the interaction - 11:43
  • A purposeful failure vs. unintentional failure - 18:18
  • Tracking time with every content session - 19:55
  • Taking action is hard - 25:35
  • Patience, commitment, and watch the patterns: It is a marathon, not a sprint - 26:16

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