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Brand Retro with Cyberdogz

Aug 25, 2020

Mike discusses one of his company sizzle words (calibrate). Calibration is key in the Cyberdogz approach. It's a process of taking a breath, hitting "reset", and stopping just long enough to look around your brand and business, evaluate what's working (or not), and wherever possible pull those pieces together, connect...

Aug 18, 2020

Mike interviews comic book creator, writer, artist, AND industry legend to the Brand Retro Podcast, Dan Jurgens. Mike and Dan discuss the backstory of their connection, personal branding, and the "good for nothing" campaign that all started with



  • Dan’s perspective about his...

Aug 11, 2020

Mike discusses one of his company sizzle words (uniqueness) and what it means to stand out amongst the crowd to TRULY be unique and authentic to your brand.



  • Being a business coach - 0:35
  • Being unique and creative is essential - 1:17
  • We do not have to look much further than ourselves - 2:16
  • What makes your...

Aug 4, 2020

Listen in as Mike and Cyberdogz writer, Katie Jenison, discuss the logic and thought process of finding those points of inspiration that connect to either the person or the brand. And how that inspiration can feed your motivation and keep you on the track of creating and maintaining something unique to your brand....