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Brand Retro with Cyberdogz

Aug 25, 2020

Mike discusses one of his company sizzle words (calibrate). Calibration is key in the Cyberdogz approach. It's a process of taking a breath, hitting "reset", and stopping just long enough to look around your brand and business, evaluate what's working (or not), and wherever possible pull those pieces together, connect the dots, and fill the gaps where you may have missed an opportunity to learn or get better. You don't want to miss this one!



  • A believer in coaching - 0:23
  • What is calibration for Mike - 1:17
  • Taking time to think - 2:18
  • Things change too fast - 2:44
  • A process of constantly calibrating - 3:37 
  • Calibrate your direction - 4:34

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