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Brand Retro with Cyberdogz

Sep 21, 2021

As a business owner, it’s important to increase your brand awareness through paid ads, collaboration with influencers and advertisers, utilizing content marketing or advertising on social media. But have you thought about using audio like radio or podcasts to showcase your products and services?

Mike welcomes Voice Over actor and host of the Audio Branding Podcast, Jodi Krangle. They discuss the importance of the often-overlooked audio component of the branding process. Jodi also stresses how the consistency of voice and audio make a HUGE impact on brand positioning.


  • Audio branding is a thing. It matters. It helps connect people to the brand. - 0:20
  • How did Jodi get started in audio branding? - 0:45
  • Working with brands by using a unique voice, tone, copy, look, and visual that can sell the product services to others. 1:59
  • Consistent repetition makes things powerful. - 6:19
  • How does Jodi help people understand how important the details are? - 8:26
  • Coaching people to help them understand and go through the process.- 14:03
  • A lot of entrepreneurs and business people react from instinct, gut feeling, and how they react from the experience. - 19:19
  • Learning more about it: How Jodi switched gears and what kind of scaling and personal navigation she used? 22:36
  • The details that go into branding, whether it is the sound, smell, or creative, all of these details add up to a very strong brand representation. It’s important for people to realize that the audio aspect is huge. - 27:21
  • Talk radio is becoming a podcast. It’s giving businesses, entrepreneurs, and people that have the skill and opportunity. - 30:18

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