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Brand Retro with Cyberdogz

Jun 28, 2022

From across the pond, Mike is joined by fellow marketer and brand lover Siena Dexter. Siena is the Director of Brand Strategy and Associate Partner at SmashBrand! Mike and Siena jam out on the branding process and what it takes to create something truly authentic!


  • Who Siena Dexter is: What her role is
  • What’s the difference between their branding strategy and their approach to food packaging
  • What branding strategies should brands keep in mind
  • Is it a more organic discovery process or is it more digital?
  • What is the logo’s purpose in branding
  • Copywriting is the biggest unsung hero of branding
  • What sets other brands from others when it comes to branding and copywriting
  • How to spot and immerse yourself into different brands
  • What Smash Brand is about and where to find more information about it
  • How far are they going in the process of branding and packaging

    Episode Resources
  • Connect with Mike Brevik:
  • Connect with Siena Dexter